About InSight 20/20™

Thank you for your interest and consideration of Insight 20/20™ Home Inspections.  My name is Brian Dowling and I am the president and owner of Insight 20/20™.  As a licensed and certified New Jersey home inspector and Radon Measurement Technician, I have experienced first-hand just how daunting the purchase of a home or business property can be.  Years of experience as the owner of a successful home services company has provided me with the knowledge and skills required to provide rigorous and thorough home inspections and to simplify my findings in a comprehensive, yet simple to understand, 20/20 report.  The information provided intentionally avoids the trap of overstating or sensationalizing minor issues or understating major issues discovered during a 20/20 inspection. Our findings are always presented with the clarity and perspective that is so critical to good decision making for buyers and sellers alike.

It is important that home inspectors be thorough, accurate, honest, and to provide neutral unbiased information to buyers and sellers as to the condition of the property under consideration.  Every inspection is done according to the highest standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. Like a preflight check list that ensures a plane is airworthy and ready to fly, InSight 20/20’s inspection checklist helps ensure that the home or property being considered is thoroughly checked.  It ensures that buyers and sellers are also thoroughly informed and have all the confidence to make the very best informed decision.

If you are in need of a home/property inspector in Northern NJ please call or email us today at:

201-669-1987 or bdowling47@gmail.com.